Good Samaritan Charter

April 17, 2016

Dear SAC user,

Welcome aboard! You are the catalyst this city and this country needs today. This community is on a mission to decongest our cities and reduce our travelling costs. We SACians intend to recover a part of our travelling costs by sharing an empty space in our cars and cabs and in the process reduce the load off our roads, meet some interesting people and make new friends.

ShareACar is a community and a facilitator for the rides and itself is not in business of providing transportation services. The driver giving you the lift is not an employee of ShareACar. Just like you, he/she is fed up with the rising costs and unmanageable traffic on road and is on a mission to decongest the city. Let’s follow the directives below to have a great experience.

We respect your decision not to take or give a ride if you find anything suspicious at any time. Please report any such thing to us immediately so that we maintain safety levels.

We expect our users to maintain decency and show healthy respect for each other. Please don’t use any abusive language and be sensitive towards other co travellers

Please ensure that the other users are not kept waiting for long at the mutually agreed pick up points. We expect our users to decide the meeting points, routes and drop off points before they take the ride so as to avoid any confusion. All travellers rate each other after the ride. Remember your rating is an important factor which other community users will use to decide whether they want to travel with you or not.


We expect our users to not cause any damage to the host’s car. Please ensure to leave the place as clean as it was before you took the ride.
Please be on time so that the driver is not keep waiting. Remember there are places where parking/waiting might be a difficult task and hence we expect our users to be on time.
Please report any mishaps, accidents or breach of major traffic rules by the driver on the trip immediately to us.
Please maintain a minimum balance of ?200 in your ShareACar wallet before you take a ride. You can withdraw this money at any time from our app.
We request you to come online at least 15 minutes before you intend to take a ride to ensure your request is seen by many travellers and ensure you are on time.
If you are carrying any luggage, confirm it with the driver before you take the ride to avoid any confusion.
Please don’t make any payments in cash. All charges will be debited to your ShareACar wallet.
Please ensure that the driver has de boarded you on app, after the ride to compute the cost of the ride.


Please don’t accept any payments in cash. If you are taking a route which has tolls on the way, please set a higher per kilometre fare to recover your cost.
Please carry all documents while driving the car. You must be medically fit and not in a drunk state while driving the car.
While it’s entirely your car, we expect you to keep it cleaner to have a better impression on others.
Please follow all traffic rules and don’t put the lives of co passengers at risk
You can put up your sharing request as early as 1 hour before the ride. Please put up your sharing request as soon as you have decided to have more travellers view your request increasing your chances to share with more travellers and reduce your cost by larger proportion.
Please de board any passenger immediately once he gets off from your car.
All costs you recover through ShareACar is credited to your ShareACar wallet. Your money is safe with us and can be withdrawn at any time from ShareACar wallet through multiple options. Please allow us 3-4 working days to process your request.
Use ShareACar for shared taxi service in Delhi, in Bangalore, in Mumbai