About Us

April 16, 2016

What is ShareACar?

ShareACar is an initiative to connect users with drivers going along the same way. We aim to reduce our traveling costs by sharing empty spaces in our cars and cabs with other verified users. Currently we are fully functional in Mumbai and will be in other cities soon.

Why ShareACar?

It’s a known fact that infrastructure growth in any city lags the speed with which cities themselves grow. There are numerous examples in front of us. As a result there is a crunch of resources which impacts all of us. Roads and transportation is one such area. The rate at which vehicles on road are growing is much higher than the rate at which number of roads can increase. Point to point transportation services like metro and local trains are running beyond capacity. Users take them to save time at the huge cost of comfort because roads are jam packed. For road travelers, traffic is frustrating, takes a toll on our vehicles and in turn on the environment. We share our city, our roads and our environment. The need of the hour is to trust each other and share our vehicles to reduce our traveling costs and save time.

What if, instead of 10 people going in 10 different cars or cabs, we share our vehicles to reduce load on our roads and in turn reduce the total carbon footprint. At the same time, ride sharing becomes inconvenient as all users have to match time with each other constraining our independence of movement. ShareACar is a real time platform, wherein we take advantage of many people going in intended direction at any time. One doesn’t have to rely on a specific person or set of people to share his car with, thus maintaining our independence of movement. We keep verifying each user on our platform from time to time, thus focusing on security our users. Hence ShareACar

How do we operate?

An illustration:

A has a car and is going from X to Y to Z in next one hour
B has to go from X to Y at some point in the next one hour.
C has to go from Y to Z in sometime.

A puts up the request on the platform and says he intends to leave in next 60 minutes. B gets on the app, puts 200/- in his wallet, and finds A sharing his ride for a particular fare which would be much lower than taking a cab or an auto-rickshaw as a driver can only partly recover his traveling costs. He sends a request to A. A accepts it and both decide a mutually beneficial place for pick up and drop and leave from X to Y.

At reaching Y, A de-boards B. The app computes the fare and deducts the same from B’s ShareACar wallet and credits to A’s ShareACar wallet after deducting a small convenience fee.
At Y, A finds C waiting for a ride to Z. He sends a request to C, which C accepts. The same money flow happens at Z.
In this process A has recovered a chunk of his traveling costs without any hassles of cash transfers. Any user can then withdraw the money to their accounts using a variety of payment methods.

Advantages of using ShareACar

1. Reduce your traveling costs
2. No hassles of cash transfers
3. Reduce the carbon footprint and de-congest the roads
4. No constraints on independence of movement owing to real time nature of the platform
5. Easy withdrawal of money from wallet to other accounts