April 17, 2016

What is Ridesharing?
Ridesharing is when two or more people travel together by a car and share the cost of the journey. You probably already rideshare very often with family and friends: every time you take the car together you share the cost of a journey with them. In much the same way, ShareACar connects car owners and co-travellers to share their journey, so that they can share a trip together and both save money.

What’s in it for me?
For co-travellers, ridesharing is a cheap and convenient travel option.
For car owners, ridesharing helps offset these really high fuel costs, tolls etc.
Of course, aside from the purely economic aspect, sharing a car is also environmentally friendly. Instead of using a car as an individual mode of transport, sharing with others allows you to use excess capacity efficiently and reduce the environmental impact of your journey.
The best reason to share a ride is to know people and make friends from all walks of life and expand your social circle.

How do I find a ride?
Using our ShareACar android app enter the place you wish to depart from and the one you wish to arrive at, you will see all rides available on the map, with number of seats left and the price per km.

What if I cannot find the ride I’m looking for?
If you didn’t find your ride, here are the two things that you can do:
Broaden your search to find more possible matches OR wait for the rides to appear

How can I find out more about a car owner?
When you find a ride, you can get more information about a car owner by going to their profile – simply click on their name or photo. On their profile you will be able to see their age, average rating and the other people currently sharing that ride.

How do I book a ride?
Once you’ve chosen your ride, click on Send Request. Once the ride host accepts your request you will be able to view your ride and call your co-travellers.

How do I pay?
Payment is calculated and deducted from your wallet after you complete the journey. The payment amount is calculated using a fare per km as set by your host. For example – A host has set the fare at ?5 /km and you took a ride for 10 km then

Payment amount = Ride fee + convenience fee (10%)
Which in this case will be
= 10 * ?5 + 10% *10 * ?5
= ?55

How do I offer a ride?
It’s easy. Just sign up on ShareACar app. You’ll need to state the departure and arrival points (specifying the exact locations, e.g. street name), the number of available seats and the price per km. Once you’ve published your ride, it’s visible to all our members who can then contact you if they are interested.

I can’t publish my ride.
This is probably because you have to complete all the mandatory fields before you can publish an offer. You need to state departure and arrival points (specifying the exact locations, e.g. street name), the number of available seats and the price per km. These are all important pieces of information about your journey, and you cannot plan a rideshare without them!

I want to change or cancel my ride.
If you have not yet got any co-travellers, you can make changes to your journey very easily; just cancel your ride and rebook.
If you’ve already agreed to take co-travellers, please take into account the inconvenience you will cause them if you change or cancel your journey plans. If you nevertheless decide to change or cancel, it’s vital to state a reason for cancellation as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointing them.

How many passengers can I take?
There are two important rules: Firstly, you cannot take more than 4 co-travellers. Secondly, you should not take more co-travellers than will be all perfectly comfortable in your car. Please bear in mind that each co-traveller may have a small bag/luggage, and this will also take up space. As a general rule three co-travellers is the maximum for a small car; four in a larger saloon car, if there aren’t too many bags.

How do I find out more about a co-traveller?
When a co-traveller sends you a ride request, you will be able to see their age, average rating and user reviews.

Why add my car?
If you want to offer rides, you have to add your car to your profile to give your potential co-travellers more information and reliance. You’ll be contacted only if you have a verified driving profile. Adding a car is easy and involves: uploading a photo of the driving license, and selecting the make and model of the car.

How to add my car?
On the app, go to “My Car” and then enter driving license and car number details along with a picture of the driving license. You can select the make and the model of your car from the drop down list

How do I know that it’s OK to rideshare?
The relevant regulation in India is the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (MVA). The MVA does not include provisions disallowing car ridesharing. The MVA regulates Contract Carriages and Public Service Vehicles which carry passengers for ‘hire and reward’. The definition of Contract Carriages and Public Service Vehicles excludes ‘a private car which is only used occasionally for the giving of lifts against some payment’. Such private car providing occasional lifts against a payment which sets off the cost of a trip is not a vehicle in which passengers are carried for ‘hire or reward’.

Although ShareACar services involve facilitation of car sharing, ShareACar does not encourage car-owners to make a profit or earn rewards through any other charges. ShareACar sets a ceiling price per km for every journey, ensuring that car owners do not receive reimbursement exceeding running costs. Therefore, private car owners do not require a permit for ridesharing in India (as long as the private car owner does not operate for ‘hire or reward’). Please note that different interpretations to the MVA may apply for each state and we encourage you to take independent legal advice before proceeding.

How do I know that I can trust another member?
It’s important to note that members use their real identities and pseudonyms are not accepted, ensuring that people behave responsibly, under their full, real name (and real photo). Phone numbers and emails are also both verified.
The community uses reputations built over time to build trust, and ensure that all members respect the ShareACar spirit of positive community collaboration. When two members meet in real life to car share, they publicly rate each other: before you travel with another member you can read their ratings and benefit from the experience of other members who have met that person.

What is expected of me when I car share?
Car owners: Take care of your co-travellers and listen to their requests, within reason, of course. Drive safely and calmly, remain focused on the road and do not be careless. Arrive on schedule at the agreed location and let co-travellers get out at a suitable and agreed arrival point (not by the side of the highway or in the middle of nowhere!).
Co-travellers: Remember that ShareACar is a ridesharing community and car owners are not your personal taxi drivers. So do not arrive late, cancel at the last minute or make any outrageous demands.
For more information, please read our Good Samaritan Charter.

What are the safety rules?
Car owners: Safety rules for car owners are exactly the same as in any other circumstances. A vehicle must be in order, with a valid comprehensive insurance policy which covers liabilities to occupants of the car, PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate, seatbelts must be secure, the tyre pressure must be checked along with the level of oil, water, brake wear and tear, functioning of the lights etc. All the traffic rules must be followed at all times.
Co-travellers: As a co-traveller, basic safety rules also apply. For example: do not get in a vehicle that appears badly kept, has no seatbelts or if the driver appears to be inebriated. We advise you to always consult the ratings posted about a car owner in order to ensure that they are trustworthy.

What age restrictions apply?
For security reasons, minors are not allowed to join ShareACar, and if you are under 18 your account will be closed.

What is not authorised?
Any dangerous or illegal behaviour is forbidden, for example: driving without a licence, not insuring your car, driving while drunk etc. Inappropriate behaviour is also forbidden; drivers and passengers must act in a respectful and considerate manner at all times.
Furthermore, it not authorised to contact other users with requests unrelated to car sharing. Any behaviour of this type will result in the immediate termination of your account, for example, dating requests are considered inappropriate.
It is also important to note that it is in no way authorised for drivers to make a profit from car sharing activity. Our service is intended and has been designed for drivers to offset their running costs and not to make profit; any breach will lead to the termination of your account

Will car sharing affect my insurance or taxes?
Using ShareACar will not affect your car insurance.
The manner of operation of the private vehicle for car sharing as proposed by ShareACar is not for hire or reward and is without any motive for profit. Therefore the trip offered by the car owner will not affect the insurance policy obtained by such car owner. According to Section 146 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (MVA), all car owners need to mandatorily obtain an insurance policy which is compliant with the MVA. Section 147 of the MVA specifies that the an insurance policy must insure a car owner against any liability incurred by him in respect of death of, or injury to any person arising out of the use of a vehicle. ShareACar recommends that all the car owners have in force, a Comprehensive Insurance Policy which covers the risk of the occupants of the car to the extent of the liability incurred by the car owner.
ShareACar limits number of seats and prices, scrupulously fulfilling the above requirement regarding profit: car owners’ costs are only offset and no profit can be made. Car owners with any concern are also encouraged to check directly with their car insurer, as terms and conditions of individual car insurance providers may vary over time.

Why must I provide a mobile phone number?
We ask for a mobile number because it is essential for a rideshare, land lines are not accepted. This is because if people cannot contact you on the go, in the event that they can’t find the departure point or are running 10 minutes late, your rideshare will not work.

What is number verification?
We ask all members to verify their mobile numbers, so as to guarantee the reliability of the contact information available on ShareACar. You will receive a digital code by SMS that you then confirm, to show that you can be reached on that number.

I can’t verify my phone number
Please check that you are entering the correct code, received by SMS. If you haven’t received your digital code, it can take up to 15 minutes, depending on your provider.
If it still doesn’t work despite that, please contact us, specifying the problem encountered and the type of phone used.

Why must I provide an email?
We ask all members for an email address so that we can send them notifications about their car sharing plans. The only emails you will ever receive will be from ShareACar, and you run no risk of ever getting spam.

What is email verification?
We will send you an email with a code, in order to verify that you can be reached at that address.

I can’t verify my email
Please contact us, specifying the problem encountered.